Are you bogged down by the Righteousness of God? Do you ‘feel’ the weight of it and this sense of unbearable wrath from a Holy, and Mighty God? You aren’t alone. Martin Luther, one of the ‘swans’ God has graced us with on this earth, wrestled and lamented this very same truth. He busied himself with the first portion of Romans 1: 17 and not until a pivotal moment, ordained by God, by His grace, did God remove the veil for Luther to apprehend the later portion of the verse.

Here’s the verse in its entirety: “For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.”

Let’s pull it a part, shall we?

The righteous= all who are clothed in Christ’s righteousness

Live= Romans 8 (this whole chapter paints it so miraculously)

by faith= believing in God’s promises, including believing in our Risen Lord and Savior

So, to pull it all together: When God looks at us, believers, He sees Christ perfect righteousness, imputed in and through us. It is OUR faith, an unfathomably expensive gift, that saves us. Our works don’t. Our good looks don’t. Our experiences don’t. Our knowledge don’t:) doesn’t. Our faith does. Let’s rest our heads on this one, dear brother and dear sister.

Dear Heavenly Father, help us, Your children, to rest in these truths. Implant them deep, deep in our hearts. Sustain us until the end so we can worship and glorify You, making our joy complete in You. Our faith, Abba, is an expensive gift. The debt has been paid for; Jesus Christ is our Redeemer. Open our eyes and hearts and let all who have ears to hear, hear Your voice this day. Speak, oh Lord, Your servant is listening.

In Jesus Name. Amen.