Yes, I think so based on how I read 1 Corinthians 9:27 ESV “But I discipline my body, and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.”


Since July, 2012 (about 5 months now) I have decided  to make different choices about how I eat, workout, think about things, as well as spend my time. If you had questions about sleep: For the record, it is good for you.
But, “Rosie”, you may say, “You want to just look better and be more attractive. I bet your motives are to do it to be better than others.”

To that I say, “rubbish!”

My main reason is this: How I see things, God continues to show me mercy and my purpose is to glorify Him. I love it that I have strength throughout the day to be attentive to things I otherwise would have become really fatigue and feel “sick” to my stomach because of the fuel I have used in the past as food.

If you have read any of my posts, you may have noticed I relate almost everything to God in my life. I pray one day, I will relate ALL to God, my Heavenly Father, and surrender all to Him. He is gracing me with the gift of taking care of myself, so I can be of any use to Him. It is possible to glorify God when I die, but for now, while I am alive and able to, I want to eat well, take my vitamins, workout, be strong, run or jog more, and to do it all for God’s glory.

Who receives credit for this blog post? Jesus. I would not even desire good, lovely, honorable, just, commendable, and excellent things a part from Him.

Thank you, Jesus, for loving me, and dying for me, so I may die to self; daily, and live for YOU. May you continue to work in and through me with my students, co-workers, friends, enemies, strangers, bosses, my brother and sisters, and family. I love YOU most. Because of that, I am able to love others. Please help me be real first with You; and then to others.