As I am looking to find a verse with the word, LOVELY, in the bible, I am not really sure that is the way to go,because the same word in English, at times in the bible has different meanings.

So, using my Greek dictionary of the new testament, The Complete Word Study New Testament by: Spiros Zodhiates Th.D, it states that LOVELY from Philippians 4:8 means “friendly towards” and/or “acceptable”.


So, the way I see this is thinking about what is friendly and/or acceptable:


1. Smiling at a baby when they look at you.

2. Holding the door for someone

3. Listening to someone’s story about a trip they went on

4. Going out for coffee with a friend

5. Being genuine.


On a side note, as I continue to think of examples, my mind goes to Romans 12:9-21. Here, Apostle Paul, lays out the marks of a Christian.  I wonder what other examples can be added to this list using Romans 12 as an example?