I’ve not bogged for quite some time. I haven’t had much time, first and foremost, but mostly, I haven’t been motivated much to write.

But,…I wanted to mention today how thankful and well-cared for I am by our Heavenly Father because of Jesus Christ. I say this with all sobriety and with a clear conscience before God, that I am thankful for His goodness and unfailing kindness and mercy towards me each and everyday of my life. Psalm 23 has been my chapter of meditation most days, along with the Lord’s Prayer,,…especially the part, “Your Kingdom come…”

There IS much joy in the process, at times, at moments unexpected, joy unspeakable from God our Heavenly Father, as we suffer and/or deny ourselves. He continues to supply all my needs. I AM NOT forgotten,…not one day. He has and is so gracious to me, and I want to surrender more and more to Him, in my devotion to Him. I love Jesus Christ. I also love undesirable things. BUT, Jesus is great than all my sin…all of it….worry, doubt, unbelief, anxiety, perspiration, jealousy, envy, strife, and the list goes on…there is nothing too great or above what Jesus has conquered and finished by His sacrifice of Himself on the cross. Romans 8: 37 “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

Jesus has pouring out so much love and mercy on me these days…and I pray He allows me breathe, and stamina, and however many days to honor Him and love Him first, and through that love to gladly submit and surrender to Him.