Valley of Vision:

Giver of all,

Another day is ended

and I take my place beneath my great Redeemer’s cross,…

It’s good to be near the cross. It’s a metaphor of a reality that happened a long time ago. When we are near the cross, things around grow strangely dim, and the light of His glory is bright and clear. Jesus paid it all, not me, or you, or your neighbor, or efficient co-worker. Jesus paid for the sins we carry. “We sin because we are sinners.” I just read that quote from a person I follow on Twitter.There is a deep satisfaction that feels the depths of my soul knowing Jesus, Son of God, Son of Man did something too big for my mind to wrap around. He is much greater than I give credit to Him.

So, the intro to this evening prayer is something I go back to most evenings. It’s good. It reminds me to knee or be prostrate in heart as I come before God in prayer seeking His mercy for me.

May God through Christ Jesus grant you more of His grace and endless opportunities to draw near to Jesus, finding rest beneath His cross.