I had a really nice conversation with my brother yesterday. He attended a Faith Conference in California. Overall, from what I heard, the goal for the weekend was to empower others to spread the gospel, in love, one relationship at a time. My mind goes to John 17, the High Priestly Prayer. Jesus is praying to God our Heavenly Father and is interceding on behalf of those who He died to save. There is sweet communion and fellowship- oneness with Jesus and God. My relationship with God was awakened by the power of the Holy Spirit at just the moment God ordained it to be. I am developing a relationship with God through Jesus Christ each and every moment, day by day, being renewed by the Holy Spirit at work in me.

As I go about my day, weeks I have hope in Christ. I boast in Him alone. So, my only thought is to share this truth in love with my neighbor. I didn’t realize this, but our actions can share our love for Christ way before we say His Name.

Let’s build godly, authentic, genuine relationships with those God has called us to befriend. It very well may be someone you do not want to chat with, but trust God. Don’t worry. Be brave. Psalm 27:14 He knows us by Name. The whole earth is His (Exodus) He can do mighty things.

My prayers lately, taken from the Valley of Vision prayer book is paraphrased: “Lord, if this be my last day, let it be my best day.”

It’s all for His glory, our joy complete in Him.