Psalm 139: 13 comes to mind as I generate my list:

“For You formed my inwards parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.”

1. I remember my Mom sitting with me at the doctor’s office and telling me it’s all going to be OK when the nurse came in to give me my shot.

2. During my elementary years, my Mom would write notes inside my paper lunch bag; notes as simple, and complete as: “Rosie, I love you.”

3. My mom was very merciful when it came to wanting to stay home from school: I can’t remember a time she said, “No” when I said I wasn’t feeling good. Laying on the couch and hearing my Mom cooking in the background will stay with me always.

4. When my Mom baked, there was a wooden spoon or some utensil with cake batter on it ready for me to enjoy.

5. With 4 children in the family, I am 3rd in line. She would and still calls me her “3rd joy”. It’s sweet to hear her say it in Serbian: “moja trecha radost”.

6. She used to sing a song in Serbian to me about a little, pouty girl who stood behind the door for hours pouting. Towards the end of the song, the mother asks the little girl, “why are you pouting?” The little girls response “I don’t even know myself.” [God gave her that song to deal with me during times I gave her difficulty.]

7. During my junior high years, she came to each violin concert I had.

8. In high school, she would still have dinner ready for me each day I came home from school.

9. During my college years, she encouraged me to keep going and working hard when I wanted to quit or when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

10. Today my Mom encourages me to press on in my faith in God and to trust Him for all things.

“Thank you, Mom, for loving and caring for me the best you knew how. Thank you for loving each of us 4 children and for honoring Dad. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.”

With Love, “your 3rd joy”

PS: Thank you for the teacup. It’s lovely.