Last week, I was visiting at the home of  a dear friend. We were chatting after dinner and she asked me if I ever tried fresh ginger root in my tea. Ginger root? Where have I heard that before? Oh! My mind went back to 10th grade, Agrusa’s: job title: cashier. I was responsible to know all the codes for the produce items we carried. There was a cheat sheet at the register, but the customers were usually in a hurry and wanted their items scanned quickly and accurately. Most nights I took home my cheat sheet. I even asked my little sister to quiz me. All that to say, ginger root was on the list, but I never would have thought, fast forwarding to 2010, I would find a use for ginger root and enjoy it as much as I did. I have to say it was soothing to sip &  it gave off a very clean aroma. It sort of reminded me of the cleaning solutions I have beneath my bathroom cupboard, but the good smelling kind:)

Well, I would write more, but  I hear my tea kettle hissing.  When you have time, give it a try! Oh,…one more thing. Peel and cut up little wedge pieces before you place it in the hot water:) Happy sipping!