Why is it difficult to admit we are frail beings? Or more specifically, why is there a need to hide behind a façade of a kind of person we wish to be, but clearly are not? God knows who we are and He made us exactly the way He intended us to be (see Psalm 139: 13 & 14). His plan is good for His children and His intention is to give each of us a future and a hope (see Jeremiah 29: 11).

In Susan Hunt’s book: By Design she writes, “The Lord God knows the frailty of His children, and He is a help and shield to them.”

In my 3rd grade Sunday school class at church the girls and I are learning about a decision the Israelites continually had before them: “I will trust what is good and right” or “I will trust God to decide what is good and right”. This same decision rests on each of us as we start our day.

So, in closing (yes, it’s a short, brief blog about a topic I am all too familiar with, but have difficulty articulating in its entirety) we are frail beings able to do nothing apart from the goodness and grace of our LORD God who is sovereign over all things. Let’s trust Him with our frailty. He has it all figured out anyways.